Update Post!

I’ve been SO MIA from this blog, and for that, I am so sorry!

College can do that to you.

I graduated from Cal Poly SLO, and immediately moved to Orange, CA to attend Chapman University for their graduate program in creative writing. This was a big step to take, but the most important thing about this is that Chapman is less than twenty minutes from Disneyland!! Words couldn’t express how happy and excited I was to be living so close to the parks.

I don’t even have to hop on the freeway to get to Disneyland, and I can even hear and see the fireworks from my house. My first day in Anaheim, I was shopping at Target and could see Space Mountain from the parking lot. Cue me jumping around like an idiot and my brother pretending he didn’t know me.

I ended up taking a hostessing job at Naples, the Italian restaurant in Downtown Disney. With this job came a lot of perks:

  1. free parking
  3. major discounts in dining and shopping
  4. ticket discounts for friends and family
  5. access to Company D, the store for cast members
  6. being able to work on Disney property?????
  7. being able to add to the daily magic!

I also applied to work at Disneyland in the parks. I was accepted to work in attractions in California Adventure. Although I didn’t end up taking the job, I got to go through the Disney interview experience. I haven’t written off working for Disney yet; it just wasn’t the right time.

I’m still writing. I’ve also started working on screenplays, which is another way to stretch my mental muscles. I hope to have another published book by the end of the school year!

With all of that being said, this blog can only get better and better. I know what it’s like now to be a Disney local, where I have the ability to go to Disneyland for a few hours if I want. I can’t wait to share all my new information with you all!