Disney Princes that you’re Most Likely to Meet at a Party

Summer is definitely party season. Obviously, college students party all the time, but I for one enjoy parties so much more when I don’t have tests or projects to worry about. I’m blessed to go to a university with pretty decent weather year-round, but for those of you that don’t, summertime usually has the best weather.

I’m a Disney girl and an extremely hopeless romantic at heart, so I’m always on the look for my own Prince Charming. As a result, I can tell you what Disney guys you’re likely to run into at a party, whether it be a frat party, a kickback, or at a bar. Perhaps then maybe you’ll have more luck at finding your prince than I have.


Naveen is the classic guy-with-a guitar at a party. He’s attractive and talented, and he knows it. Personally, I think that a guy is more attractive if he plays the guitar, but Naveen isn’t one of those scruffy guys that plays an instrument in order to bump up his score on the hotness meter. Naveen is already hot, and the guitar makes him hotter. At first encounter, Naveen might seem like a shallow player, but take a chance to get to know him, away from the crowd, and you might get to see the more sincere side of him. Naveen is full of potential, you just have to look past the cocky exterior.

Peter Pan
Peter Pan is definitely the jokester. Peter Pan doesn’t realize that he’s attractive, but he is, and that might make him more attractive, but also the most annoying. Peter Pan can also be a little annoying because he tends to act very childish. Examples of this would be creating massive cannonballs at a pool party or stealing all the beer pong balls. Peter Pan is most likely surrounded by a group of equally immature guys. While he may be great for a laugh, Peter Pan might be a guy that you want to wait for. Keep in mind that he probably won’t ever grow up, though.

The Gaston

More likely to be encountered at a bar, or the loudest and most obnoxious one at the party,  Gaston is either surrounded by girls or his bros. While he may have admirers, Gaston doesn’t deserve them. Horribly conceited-and I heard he hunts animals for no reason-Gaston will try to compliment you by saying insulting things and by buying you cheap beer. He won’t even try to get to know you or ask you questions about your life. He really just wants an excuse to brag about himself. I wish I could say that Gaston had a redeeming quality besides his looks, but he doesn’t. Avoid him at all costs.


Most likely the guy on the edges of the party or hanging out in the backyard. If there’s a dog, he might talk to him more than the actual humans. Probably a bit of a loner, but don’t let that dissuade you. Be careful not to believe everything he says at first. Once he realizes you like him for him and not the stories he spins, Aladdin will open up to you. Patience is key!

The Hans
Thankfully, we don’t have to worry that cute strangers we meet plan to murder us and take our older sibling’s crowns. Nowadays, Hans is the one most likely to love you and leave you. Watch out for him. He’ll relate to you, romance you, and take you on great dates-for a while. Once he gets what he wants: good grades (if you’re smart/a saint and help him), your virginity/sex, or eep-your friend, he’s gone. And Kristoff might not always be waiting.

The prince
I’m not talking about Prince Charming from Cinderella. I’m referring to the prince at the end of Snow White that does nothing but sing a little song at the beginning of the movie, then whisks Snow off to his castle at the end. Um, boring much? The Prince is that one guy that everyone else is into, but when you see him, you’re just like, meh. He looks like he’d be a great kisser, but he isn’t. Talking to him is pointless- there’s zero chemistry. This guy isn’t worth your time.

Of course, these aren’t the only Disney princes or leading men you could meet at a party. The odds of running into a guy like Tarzan is pretty slim, but you’ll probably run into a Milo Thatch at least once. Keep an eye out for Captain Jack Sparrow (never forget the Captain) and Flynn Rider too! With this list I’ve created for you, you’re one step closer to finding your own prince! (And if you do, please ask him if he has cute friends for me!) Good luck!

Have a magical day!




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